10 Things To Say To A Girl You Don’t Know

things to say to a girl

This post is especially for guys who have no idea which things to say to a girl you don’t know. Although I’ve personally started many successful conversations and interactions with girls using all the exact lines you’re about to read, you should understand that getting good results totally does not depend on what you say. It depends on how you say it, your body language and display of confidence – the way you approach women (click here to learn how to approach women).

If you’re confident enough you can say the stupidest and most retarded things and still get a girl to like you a lot! And where better can you learn to be confident then right here at (so subscribe to our email newsletter). That being said, let’s get started with 10 things to say to a girl you don’t know.

10 Things To Say To A Girl You Don’t Know

1. The Classic “Hey, what’s up?”

If you learn to pull this one off then you’ll get more success with girls than with any other line or stupid routine you can imagine. Just a simple “Hey, what’s up?” or “Hi” or “I’m Diggy” is all that you need to start a conversation with a girl.

There are many different ways to say “Hey, what’s up?” though, and if you say it in a way that projects insecurity, fear or neediness then there is pretty much zero chance that your interaction is going to work out favorably. Be very aware of your body language when using this. You want to make and maintain strong eye contact throughout the interaction, maybe a smile when you first make that eye contact, and you want a strong, confident posture. Do not slouch or lean forward.

2. The Flattering Truth

I like this one because it’s not a lie or manipulative line so you don’t need to memorize anything, and because being truthful usually does well for interactions with girls. Girls are incredibly good at detecting bullshit and if they detect that you are lying or manipulating them then it’s bye-bye to any chance you may have had with her.

So what you do, is you simply walk over to her and say something that’s on your mind, like “Hey, I saw you from the other side of the club and I knew I just had to come and talk to you. How are you doing?”

It’s honest, it’s flattering, it’s friendly and usually it blows straight past any barriers or defenses a girl might have.

3. The Honest Truth

This ties in perfectly with the pickup artist Mystery’s 3-second rule which states that if you see a girl you would like to approach, you have to approach her within 3 seconds or else your brain will start to come up with excuses and objections why you should not approach her.

If you see a girl you like, immediately go over to her and tell her the truth:

“Hey, I have no idea what to say to you but when I saw you I knew I wanted to come and talk to you. I’m Diggy.”

There’s a good chance she will think this is cute and continue the conversation because she’ll respect you for being honest yet still having the guts to approach her.

4. Mr. Conceited

This is something that I like to do from time to time, but it works best when you say it in a joking matter, otherwise you will risk coming off as an arrogant conceited douche.

Just walk up to her, look her in the eye and tell her, “Hey, I thought I should give you the chance to get to know me better. So what’s your name?”

Again, the key to success with this one is to say it with total confidence, yet in a joking manner. It’s a risky one but if done correctly can be very successful.

5. Let’s Get Out Of Here!

This reminds me of the Arnold Schwarzenegger switchboard (if you don’t know what that is, Google it). Yeah, believe it or not but this line actually works. But you have to use it in the right situation and it’s not too often that you’ll get the opportunity to use this line. For example you would say this to a girl who’s been looking at you the whole night, you can see she wants you, it’s getting late and you know it’s about time to go anyway. Walk straight up to her, maybe take her by the arm and say “Let’s get out of here”.

Even if she wants to go with you she’ll probably say something like “But I don’t even know you”. And then you can just small talk or suggest to have one drink or something and then go.

6. Are You Single?

Not only is this a good thing to say to a girl to start a conversation, it’s very helpful information to know if a girl is single or not because it’ll keep you from spending time and effort on a girl who is not available to you.

The reason why “Are you single” is much better than “Do you have a boyfriend” is because it’s not used as often and it’s more polite. Girls are so used to saying they have a boyfriend (even if they don’t) just to fend of all the douches who hit on her, so that when they are asked if they have a boyfriend it’s an automatic response to say yes.

However, to the question “Are you single?” they often give a more honest reply. It’s less intrusive I think, and I’ve found it to work very well to start conversations with girls.

7. Compliment Her On Something

And please… for the love of everything sacred, do not tell her “You are so beautiful”. Take a few moments to really observe her and then go over to her and tell her what you like about her.

She’s probably heard your compliment before, but if it’s not the generic “you’re so beautiful” then it’ll do well. Something like “your smile is incredible” or “you’ve got a very positive energy”. It’s just a basic human need, everybody wants to feel wanted and be admired so if you can show her this but without faking it or without doing it as a way to manipulate her then she’s much more likely to open up to you can continue a conversation with you.

8. It Must Be Hard Being So Beautiful

This is an approach that covers multiple aspects at the same time. It compliments her indirectly by saying that she’s beautiful, it shows that you’re a guy who “gets it” because you understand what she has to constantly put up with and it put you on her side (a kind of us vs. them situation).

I like to do this sometimes, and then just continue describing the situation she usually has to deal with. Something like, “It must be hard being so beautiful. Having to put up with all these guys constantly hitting on you, treating you like a piece of meat. I guess it can be flattering at times, but mostly just annoying, right?”. And then just flow into whichever way the conversation goes. Maybe look around and comment on a few social situations where guys are tying to get with girls and tell her how they are doing it wrong and how they never have a chance with the girl they’re trying to get with or whatever.

Just have fun with this one. It works especially well on really beautiful girls.

9. A Confession

This is more of a line and game which why I’m not particularly a big fan of it, but it works well and it can be fun for both you and her, especially when she understands you’re playing with her – it’s not supposed to be serious!

Go up to her and say something along the lines of, “Hey, I have a confession to make. I fell madly in love with you ever since the moment I laid eyes on you. Yeah, it’s true. And I know I probably shouldn’t have told you that because girls probably don’t believe in love at first sight anymore, but I thought you should know. So now with that out the way, let’s get to know each other better. I’m Diggy”.

How well this works has to do with a variety of factors, of course including your body language, eye contact and confidence level. You don’t want to say this in a way that comes of rehearsed or hard, it’s supposed to be something romantic and soft, and true. So if you feel a certain way about her, try to use your real feelings and thoughts in this line and you’ll do very well with it.

10. Super Risky

Do you like living on the edge? Then this is a super risky thing that you can say to girls. If it works you’ll have the time of your life and if it doesn’t you might risk a slap or a drink getting spilled on you (although I’ve never had that happen and I’ve approached hundreds of girls).

Another thing that is very important here (just like in my last post about demonic confidence – stealing meat from lions) is to be super confident. If you show just the slightest bit of fear or insecurity you can kiss your success goodbye.

Okay, so you go right up close to the girl, you look her in the eye with a big smile on your face, lean forward to have your mouth next to her ear and say “Mmmmm, the things I want to do to you”. Then pull back a bit and keep eye contact until she breaks it. Do this right and she’s yours, do it wrong and she’ll tell you to get lost or something. If you like the high risk high reward play, this is what you can say to her.

So there you have it, 10 things to say to a girl you don’t know. If you want to learn more about approaching women, CLICK HERE NOW.

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