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Confidence is a quality that allows you to have an amazing life simply because it allows you to improve and achieve any goal you set for yourself in every area of you life. Be it financial success, happiness, relationships or health. But confidence is something that you build up over time. You don’t go to bed one night and wake up the next morning being super confident.


Your current level of confidence and self-esteem is the sum of all your life experiences, both good and bad. If your confidence and self-esteem are low, it’s because you’ve been conditioned all your life by others to have low confidence and low self-esteem. And not only have you been conditioned by others, you’ve also conditioned yourself to have this low confidence and self-esteem because of all the negative and limiting beliefs you repeat to yourself in your mind on a constant basis.

But no matter what you believe about your own confidence and self-esteem, I believe that you can become super confident.

It just takes time to build this confidence. So many people put all their hopes on a quick fix, and if there are no instant results, it means it’s not possible to change and get the results you want.

Understand that the stronger your conditioning of low confidence and low self-esteem, the longer it will take you to build confidence. But it’s possible and it can be done. Step by step, day by day, you’ll be able to follow the road and transform yourself into a super confident person… if you’re patient and persistent.

On this blog you’ll find dozens of articles all packed with tips and information to help your transformation into a confident person, and that is because I personally lived most of my life being shy and lacking confidence. I want to help you become confident and help you achieve happiness and success, because I know how not being confident holds you back from living the life you really want to be living.

And that’s why I’ve scoured the web and found the best and most helpful posts about building confidence that I’m about to list below. All of the websites listed below are actually among my favorite self improvement and personal development blogs and they contain a wealth of information besides the posts I listed about confidence. Enjoy!

Building Confidence – The Best Around The Web
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It’ll take you some time to read through all these articles, but if you’re really struggling with confidence, shyness and low self-esteem then it’ll be worth every minute of your time!

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