7 Signs of Lack of Self-Confidence

7 Signs of Lack of Self-Confidence

In today’s article I’ll share with your top 7 signs of lack of self-confidence. They are common for most shy people. You probably show them too. Get to know your enemy!

1. Body language that shows lack of self-confidence

Here are a few typical signs:

  • defensive position (sitting cross-legged, crossed arms, bowed head),
  • avoiding eye contact,
  • bad posture,
  • sitting in the place where you can hide (for example in the back of the class),
  • keeping distance (creating a “bubble” between you and your interlocutor)
2. Not being able to receive a compliment properly

Shy people tend to reject compliments. They either belittle their efforts (“it was nothing”), point out something negative (“thank you, but…”) or argue (dismissing compliments). The proper way to receive a compliment is to smile and say “thank you”. That’s it – nothing else.

3. Giving reasons for all your mistakes

Whenever a shy person makes a mistake, he or she will immediately start explaining what just happened by giving reasons such as “I didn’t sleep well today”, “The weather is so bad” etc. Self-deprecating remarks such as “I’m so clumsy” are also common. Confident people don’t look for excuses for their mistakes – it’s a human thing to make mistakes, you don’t have to give reasons for them.

4. Easy to insult

Shy people are easy to insult. They also immediately reply to criticism (even constructive criticism can result in an aggressive verbal attack). Confident people are usually hard to insult – they just don’t care that much what other people think about them. They are also open to feedback.

This is one of the most common signs of lack of self-confidence. Get rid of it. Learn to laugh at yourself – you’ll not only feel better, you’ll also make an appearance of a more confident person. And stop caring what other people think about you – accept yourself!

5. Idolizing other people and feeling inferior to them

People with a low self-esteem overlook their strengths and put other people on pedestal. “I’ll never be like him” is a very common statement used by shy people. Insecure people are 100% sure that they are inferior to other people (which is not true).

Moreover, they don’t know their value – they believe that they are unworthy. Spend an hour or two and write down all your strengths – I’m sure that you’ll feel better. You’ll also increase your self-esteem.

6. Negative attitude to life (“the world is a bad place”)

This is a secret that pessimistic people don’t want you to hear. The secret is that most pessimistic people are just insecure. They are insecure, so they believe that the world is a bad place and that everyone is against them. Consequently, they put other people down. Oftentimes they are very arrogant (don’t mistake arrogance or cockiness with real self-confidence) and aggressive (they like to insult other people).

This is the worst sign of lack of self-confidence – it not only poisons the life of the negative person, but also people around him/her. Get rid of your negative thoughts and become a positive person! These self-confidence quotes will definitely help you.

7. Lack of courage

People with a low self-esteem don’t have much courage in themselves. They like to second-guess themselves, they usually avoid any challenges (they are convinced they won’t succeed so they never try), every day they do the same things (they don’t expand their comfort zone), they avoid taking risks and making any big changes in their lives. Learn how to get confidence in yourself and stop saying “I have no confidence“.

Man up! You can’t become confident if you don’t face your fears and take some risks. Life’s all about risks.

Which signs of lack of self-confidence do you show? How can you get rid of them? Think about it and take action!

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