30 Day Confidence Challenge – Day 19: Your Sense of Entitlement

30 Day Confidence Challenge – Day 19: Your Sense of Entitlement

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The way in which you think about the things you deserve to have in your life plays a very big part in how your life turns out.

We don’t want to get into the law of attraction here and neither do we want to talk too much about the conscious and subconscious mind and controlling your thoughts as we talked about in Day 3: Negative Thinking.

The very essence of the law of attraction and your subconscious mind is that your subconscious is an autopilot machine that serves to execute all orders that it is programmed with. Your subconscious is programmed through the conscious thoughts and actions that you repeat on a daily basis.

Thus, your sense of entitlement plays a great role in the success that you achieve in your daily life.

What Is Entitlement?

Your sense of entitlement is just a fancy phrase for what you believe you deserve to have in your life. For example your sense of entitlement is how much money you deserve to earn in a month or in a year. Your sense of entitlement is the quality of friends you have. Your sense of entitlement is how amazing of a partner you can have in your life. Your sense of entitlement is how much success you deserve to have in your life.

Unfortunately many of us really cut ourselves short by thinking that we are not good enough to deserve what we really desire to have in our lives. We condition ourselves into believing that we are not smart enough to make $500,000 per year, that we are not good enough of a person to be in a relationship with a beautiful and loving partner, and so on and so forth.

No matter how much you want something, if deep down you believe that you don’t deserve it, you’re never going to have that something in your life for very long. As a real example to prove the theory we describe above, do a Google search on lottery winners.

The majority of people who win the lottery often end up broke within a few years of their enormous luck (and these winnings are often in the millions of dollars). You may ask yourself how someone can possibly be so stupid to lose millions of dollars after getting such a giant share of luck?

A part of the reason is that most lottery winners are very average people who are not used to this kind of wealth. Their mindsets are not able to adjust to the instant wealth status they have achieved. They have all this money, but their mindset and sense of entitlement is still at the level of their average life they lived most of the time. This will cause them to spend their money on the wrong things and invest in the wrong things and before they know it they are straight back to the life they were living before they got so lucky.

Building A Healthy Sense of Entitlement

In order to build a healthy sense of entitlement, you really need to assess what you are worth in your own eyes. Do you really think you are only good enough to earn a minimum wage? Do you think that you have nothing to contribute to society? (the answer to these two questions should definitely be no).

For example if you don’t believe deep down that you deserve to have a million dollars in your bank, start to find reasons why you should. Take a look at the Wall Street employees who are making million dollar yearly bonuses. Why do they deserve it and you don’t? Maybe rationalize that there are billions of dollars being transferred all around the world every single day. Why is it a problem if you have a very small share of that daily transfer of wealth in your bank account?

You need to consciously start convincing yourself that you are worth what you want to have in your life. That you deserve to have it.

It might be difficult to believe it yourself at first, but the more you repeat something, the more real it becomes. As you start repeating your sense of entitlement in your mind more and more, you’ll also be able to find other reasons to back up why you deserve to have these things in your life.

I (Diggy) am a pretty big nerd and I love to relate things to movies. You can relate your sense of entitlement to Neo in the popular classic movie The Matrix. Neo is the chosen one, the only person in the world who has the power to defeat agents who are computer projections deemed invincible by all people.

Neo has no idea that he has this power inside him, and even when Morpheus and his crew told Neo that he was the chosen one, Neo didn’t believe it. The first time Neo got in close contact with agents, he fought them but got his butt kicked. The next time, he tried to fight and slightly believed in himself, but still got his butt kicked. This was because he still didn’t fully believe in his power.

As the movie progresses, Neo starts to believe in his power more and more and his sense of entitlement becomes very strong. At one point, he decides to stop running from the agents because he believes in his power so much. And then to his surprise he gets to the point where he can effortlessly fend off agents with one hand, and then actually destroy them from the inside out.

You are like Neo. You are the chosen one and you have the power to achieve anything you want in life. We are like Morpheus telling you this information. You don’t believe us right now, but it is our job to continue to cheer you on so that you can start to believe.

And the more you believe that you can achieve anything you want in life (and we mean really believe on a deep-down core level), the more success you will start to achieve in everyday life.

Today’s Task

Your task for today: today we’d like you to to make a list of the things you deserve to have in your life. There’s a difference between what you’d like to have and what you actually feel you deserve to have.

We’d like you to be brutally honest and write down all the things you think you deserve to have in your life. The point is that you should be surprised at how you are cutting yourself short, and that you can start to work on changing your thought process to start believing that you actually deserve the things that you desire to have in your life.

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